LiNa Energy has re-engineered the Sodium-Metal-Chloride battery using advancements in solid oxide fuel cell engineering and design with modern low-cost manufacturing methods.


LiNa’s battery cells are the building block of LiNa Energy’s battery platform. The cells utilise proven Sodium-Metal-Chloride chemistry in a breakthrough planar design made possible with our ultra-thin solid ceramic electrolyte.

The electrolyte is a key component of any battery, providing the medium for ions to transport between the anode and cathode electrodes when charging and discharging. Whilst conventional batteries use a liquid electrolyte, LiNa’s solid-state ceramic electrolyte reduces ionic resistance and removes unproductive mass unlocking a two-fold performance improvement in energy densities versus alternatives. Avoiding the need for conventional flammable liquid electrolytes means that LiNa cells are inherent safe.

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As the world makes rapid progress towards electrification, industry is increasingly reliant on critical raw materials such as lithium and cobalt. Diversification of battery chemistries is critical for long-term capacity growth.

LiNa batteries are constructed without lithium or cobalt. On charge, sodium ions from the sodium-metal-chloride cathode are reduced to sodium metal and travel through the solid-state ceramic electrolyte to the anode compartment forming an interconnected backbone conductor. On discharge, the sodium is oxidized back to sodium ions and travels through the conductive backbone to recrystallise in the cathode.


LiNa Modules provides customers with low-cost, sustainable, and high performance energy storage. Modularity is core to our design process enabling simple system scaling from kilowatts to megawatts.

LiNa’s cell design integrates the battery terminals directly into the cell casing, enabling stacking of cells without the need for busbars and with minimal voidage. When LiNa stacks are combined together into a module, the design closely resembles a heat exchanger to optimize thermal management and eliminate the need for refrigerative and liquid cooling in favour of simple fans even in high ambient temperature conditions.


LiNa Energy works with partners to integrate our modules into systems across a wide range of applications.


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