LiNa Energy is working with partners to integrate our breakthrough solid-state batteries into battery energy storage systems today, and heavy-duty transport sectors in the future.


Battery energy storage systems enable businesses to maximize the use of low-cost renewable energy – reducing exposure to volatile power prices or avoiding a grid connection altogether with micro-grids.

LiNa Energy modules utilise abundant raw materials and inherently safe chemistry enabling customers to safely deploy battery energy systems in urban and industrial locations. The wide operating temperature range of LiNa modules enables practical operation even in high ambient temperature conditions without the need for refrigeration or liquid cooling offering a cost advantage in developing global markets.



Additional revenue streams can be unlocked when deploying battery energy storage systems at the utility scale, balancing green energy supplies and electricity demands and maintaining a healthy electrical grid.

The transition from hydrocarbon-sourced power generation to renewables creates a need for flexibility and resilience on electrical systems. Flexibility makes intermitted renewable energy available when needed whilst resilience overcomes the loss of grid inertia and decentralization of assets. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) are uniqely placed to meet these growing demands due to their ultra-fast response time and scalability. LiNa’s battery technology can offer BESS operators structural cost differentiation whilst operating in ancilliary service and wholesale markets.


LiNa modules contain solid-state battery cells which offer greatly increased energy and power densities. Combining performance with our inherently safe system, partners are able to electrify traditionally hard-to-reach vehicle classes such as marine and fleet.

LiNa Energy understands that battery technology is the heart of electric-vehicle development so we work with partners early in the development cycle.