FullyCharged.SHOW & Everything Electric

Will had a fanboy moment speaking on stage with the amazing Imogen Bhogal and Robert Llewellyn at FullyCharged.SHOW & Everything Electric North this weekend!

Here are a couple of highlights from our discussion:

🔋Future of the Grid: Batteries currently profit from maintaining frequency, a short-duration need. As renewables grow, we’ll need batteries for long-duration energy storage (LDES) to manage excess energy, which is less lucrative and requires cost reductions.

🔋New Battery Chemistries: It’s not about replacing lithium-ion, which is reliable and cost-effective. The challenge is creating demand for new chemistries for those who find lithium-ion too costly or impractical, like low-cost resilient rooftop solar in India.

To quote Red Dwaft – whilst a Kryton quote may be more apt, Lister put it best: “We have less choice than a Welsh fish and chip shop”. More storage and more renewables on the grid will lead to greater flexibility and better outcomes.