LiNa Energy Welcomes Bill Esterson, Labour MP to our Production Facilities

The LiNa team were pleased to welcome Billl Esterson, Labour MP for Sefton Central, and Shadow Minister for Business and Industrial Strategy, and Lizzie Collinge, Labour County Councillor for Lancaster East, to our lab this week.

Gene Lewis, CEO commented: “During a tour of our production facilities, the team explained how LiNa is leading the charge to develop and commercialise low-cost solid state sodium batteries. We always enjoy the opportunity to discuss the transition to net zero and were particularly proud to highlight LiNa’s role in bringing skilled employment to the local area”.

The visit was facilitated by one of our partner organisations – Bibby Line Group, one of the UK’s oldest family-owned businesses.  Like us, Bibby is headquartered in the North-West but that’s not the only thing we have in common: they also are making positive and sizeable contributions in the drive to Net Zero as part of their group-wide long-term sustainability initiative: ‘Project Compass’.   We’re proud to have collaborated with two of their subsidiaries to explore how LiNa’s battery technologies can support their ambitions and operations.

Bibby Marine is the owner-operator of vessels used to service the offshore renewable energy sector and is currently developing a zero-emissions vessel. This vessel would feature a sizable battery unlike any installed on a vessel of this nature before. We successfully collaborated with Bibby Marine to complete a government-funded feasibility study that confirmed LiNa’s batteries meet marine safety requirements.

Meanwhile, Garic provides sustainable site welfare and environmental solutions for the construction industry.  Typically on construction and infrastructure sites, such products are powered by diesel generators.  The climate impact of this is sizeable: the built environment and construction sector accounts for 38% of global carbon emissions.  Garic is committed to tackling this head on and is exploring solar as an alternative energy source.  With LiNa’s batteries optimised for solar storage, we have an MoU with Garic to explore the feasibility of deploying LiNa’s batteries on Garic assets.

Jonathan Lewis, Bibby Line Group Chief Executive Officer, said: “While Bibby Line Group’s roots were established over 200 years ago, we are looking firmly to the future.  We are partnering with LiNa to develop areas where its battery technology can be used to support the decarbonisation of our vessels and construction assets. As a North-West headquartered business, we are especially excited by the prospects for new jobs and skills development in the North of England.”


We’re excited to continue our partnership with Bibby Line Group and looking forward to leading the charge to Net Zero together.