LiNa Release Report Validating Inherent Safety of Battery Cells and Modules via Independent Testing

LiNa’s solid state sodium battery technology is inherently safety against smoke or fire even under abuse conditions. But don’t just take our word for it.  Today we are proud to publish a new report detailing independent testing conducted on LiNa cells and modules which validates this safety performance:


LiNa undertook a series of abuse-tests, designed and administered to be representative of the BS EN IEC 62984-2:2020 standard:

  • Overcharge testing;
  • Short-circuit testing; and
  • Penetration testing.

Testing was performed independently at Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG)’s and HORIBA MIRA’s battery testing facilities.

Qualitative failure modes were assessed and no unsafe failure modes were observed, confirming the case for our technology as a suitable candidate for safety-critical applications when compared to incumbent lithium-ion battery technology.