LiNa Successfully Concludes Faraday Battery Challenge with Kilowatt-hour Scale System Demonstration

LiNa’s pioneering technology has been independently validated at TRL 6 following a twelve-month Faraday Battery Challenge round 4 project LiNa-Power. The successful demonstration of a kilowatt-hour scale system is a key milestone for LiNa Energy validating our engineering capability as the product design process expands from cell to pack and system including integration of BMS, instrumentation, housing, thermal management and implementation of processes to increase the cell production volume and quality control.

The demonstration system enabled maximum data harvest including individual cell monitoring. The results pave the way for LiNa’s future plans for larger-scale demonstrations, and delivery of volume-optimized customer-intent modules and systems for commercial trials.

This kilowatt-hour scale system demonstration had a cyclable capacity of 989Wh ± 2% and charge rates between 0.15C – 0.2C consistent with our first planned product, a medium-duration battery energy storage system (BESS) ideal for behind-the-meter installation. Additionally, the thermal management maintained the system within ± 2.2°C on average, managing cell operating temperature whilst also ensuring the system exterior remained safe to touch.

Figure 2: LiNa Demo System

To achieve all this, LiNa worked closely with CPI, Helical, WMG, Imperial College, Lancaster University and MEP technologies. We are grateful of their support and look forward to collaboration in the future.

Figure 4: LiNa Team