LiNa Energy Commission Innovative Modular Cleanroom

Ricardo Couto, LiNa Energy’s Facilities Manager who lead the project said “LiNa are an ambitious company and we are always looking for innovative ways to speed up our progress.  The mobile clean-room is the first of its kind to be deployed in the UK and by working with our friends at Lancaster University we were able to save months of time associated with a traditional install.”

Working closely with Lancaster University, we were able to commission the first-of-its-kind modular cleanroom in record time to further accelerate the R&D of our future-generations of battery cells.

The Dawsongroup plc cleanroom is actively cleaned to maintain a very low concentration of airborne particulates filtered at the micron scale providing an ultra-controlled environment for research. A traditional cleanroom instillation or expansion would take 4 months, but working with Lancaster University enabled LiNa to install a portable mobile cleanroom and cut down installation and commissioning to only 4 weeks.

The new cleanroom is housing research and development work on our next generation of ultra-high energy density battery cells. As the world makes rapid progress towards electrification, industry is increasingly reliant on critical raw materials such as lithium and cobalt. Alternative battery chemistries like LiNa’s technology are critical for long-term capacity growth whilst also enabling safety, sustainability, and cost advantages.