LiNa Energy presents at MOVE: Mobility Re-imagined 2022 in London

We need it all: smarter systems, next-generation lithium reserves, improved recycling and of course new ‘beyond lithium chemistries’ such as LiNa Energy’s sodium batteries. – Will Tope

Will Tope, LiNa Energy Commercial Director, presented on-stage with Khushboo Shrivastava, CEO and founder of Coulomb AI, and Neil Kennett, editor at carofthefuture.co.uk, at MOVE: Mobility Re-imagined to discuss battery start-ups and the urgency for both hardware and software innovation to keep up with booming battery demand.

The MOVE event returned to London in June for its fourth edition, with over 10,000 delegates attending to promote and develop sustainable, exciting, and creative transport systems for the future. Will Tope spoke on a panel covering ‘how battery tech start-ups are changing the game’ and covered a wide range of topics from opportunities for batteries to support future grids through to recycling and the current macro environment for clean-tech start-ups.