2022 LiNa Energy Investor Day held at new expanded facilities

It was good to see the expanded facilities at LiNa Energy last week and to meet some of the new team members there. Most of all, it was great to hear about the progress of the technical programme, which is moving forward at pace. – Alex Burns OBE

LiNa Energy hosted investors at an open day on 13th May to showcase the new expanded headquarters and share exciting technical and commercial milestone progress.

Llithium-ion supply chains are strained as we rapidly adopt batteries for energy storage and transport. Innovative solutions like LiNa Energy’s solid-state sodium battery will play a key role in tomorrow’s diverse battery landscape. The recent expansion to LiNa headquarters in Lancaster makes room for growing production and testing equipment, a dedicated analytical lab for quality control, and a new staff breakout room. The recent expansion enables LiNa to continue the rapid progress in commercializing solid-state sodium batteries which offer safety, performance and #sustainability advantages over today’s lithium-ion technology.