LiNa Energy presents at Energy Tech Summit conference in Warsaw, Poland

The diversification we are seeing away from NMC and towards LFP today within lithium-ion is a key sign-post for diversification beyond lithium in the future

Will Tope, LiNa Energy’s Commercial Director, presented on stage at Energy Tech Summit to discuss the limits of lithium-ion technology and emerging industry diversification.

Will provided an history on the technology explaining that Li-ion was originally developed for consumer electronics. As industry increased manufacturing capacity and costs decreased industry expanded their use case – putting cylindrical li-ion cells into EVs and energy storage systems. Fundamentally the tech was never designed for large scale energy storage and limits to the technology are starting to emerge: sustainability, safety, performance, and cost.

In response to a battery supply crunch, industry is looking for alternative lithium technologies today, and we believe will be looking beyondlithium in the future.