LiNa Energy CEO Gene Lewis presents keynote at Energy Storage USA 2022 in Austin, Texas

The time is now! – Gene Lewis

LiNa Energy CEO was on stage at the keynote panel at Energy Storage USA 2022 in Austin, Texas alongside with Sripradha IlangoEmil Avram, and Christine Bonaguide.

The discussion focused on Stable Supply Chains. Batteries are often lauded as the holy grail of modern grid solutions yet their widespread deployment has placed exponential demand on a particularly fragile supply-chain.

Recent market trends and volatility have shown the importance of building sustainable, responsible and secure supply chains. We believe that managing battery supply chains to become more resilient to external forces will be a key consideration for governments and industry as energy markets around the world continue on their path towards a more sustainable future.

The message was clear: industry is looking beyond lithium for the next generation of energy storage systems!