LiNa awarded £1.4m BEIS grant to demonstrate technology for utility battery energy storage systems working with ion Ventures

We are delighted to announce that the Department for Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has awarded a grant to LiNa for a £1.4 m project.

In this project, LiNa will demonstrate a 1 kWh prototype solid-state sodium battery system for stationary energy storage in commercial conditions by October 2022.

Competition for these grants was fierce; LiNa’s success in obtaining funding confirms that it’s development strategy aligns well with government net-zero goals, and shows that the technical and commercial milestones we have set ourselves, though ambitious, are achievable in 2022.

We are thrilled to receive this grant which is an important endorsement of our technical strategy by government. Demonstrating the 1kWh in commercial conditions will be key to proving the commercial viability of our technology. In addition, this project strengthens relationships with two key partners, and will lead directly to the creation of permanent, skilled jobs in the North West as we expand operations in Lancaster.

– Gene Lewis, LiNa CEO

LiNa will be supported by two partners in this project:

  1. ion Ventures Ltd – a developer of renewable generation, clean electrification schemes and flexible power infrastructure, and a future end-user of the HiLiNa system. ion Ventures will construct the test bed to enable the battery system to be trialed at one of their sites, and will contribute their expertise in regulatory compliance and commercial models for energy storage markets. This project continues successful trials of its cell at an ion Ventures site in Feb 2021 in an earlier project also funded by BEIS.
  2. Ionotec Ltd – an experienced ceramic technology company, with very relevant specialist expertise in the solid electrolytes. Ionotec will lead efforts in process optimisation for the key electrolyte component.