LiNa wins £1.5M Faraday Challenge Award

LiNa Energy is delighted to announce that it has been awarded Faraday Challenge funding for a £1.5M project that started on 1st August; LiNa’s fourth UK grant. LiNa will lead a seven-strong team, who will construct and operate a 1kWh prototype sodium-nickel-chloride battery system over 12 months, and optimise LiNa’s manufacturing processes for scale-up, decarbonisation and recycling.

The award of this grant is great news for LiNa. It will fund construction of the 1kWh prototype system, a critical milestone on our technical road map, and it cements key relationships between LiNa and the consortium partners that will have important strategic value well beyond the end of this project

– Dr Gene Lewis, LiNa CEO

LiNa’s partners are:

  1. Imperial College London;
  2. the University of Warwick’s Automation Systems Group;
  3. Helical Technology;
  4. MEP Technologies;
  5. Centre for Process Innovation; and
  6. Lancaster University.

The partners will be supported by a panel of expert advisors, which includes Rolls Royce Aerospace and Williams Advanced Engineering. They will critically review the partners’ progress and share their industry perspectives.