LiNa joins the prestigious Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA)

The Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) is the industry body of the Batteries European Partnership, which has been allocated €100s million by the European Commission to fund Horizon Europe battery projects​. BEPA members are key stakeholders of Europe’s battery community. The European Commission is the public-sector side of the Partnership.

By pooling resources and knowledge, BEPA aims to accelerate development, industrialisation and deployment of battery technologies to deliver significant growth and jobs in key sectors of the European economy.

As a member of BEPA, LiNa will;

  • Network with key battery stakeholders in the European EV and grid sectors
  • Make recommendations for Horizon Europe calls for grant-funded proposals
  • Contribute to the development of EU regulation of battery standards, safety, and sustainability and actively promote innovation uptake in the market

Gene Lewis, CEO of LiNa Energy, commented:

“Joining BEPA gives LiNa a voice at the top table. It provides a fantastic platform for us to continue building excellent cross-industry relationships. Brexit does not prevent LiNa’s from pursuing EU funding, and as a member of BEPA, we can now contribute to the decisions on how the EU’s Horizon €100s million battery budget is allocated. We very much look forward to being very active in letting the association know just how special our solid-state sodium technology is!”