Leading battery academic appointed to LiNa’s Expert Advisory Panel

LiNa Energy is delighted to announce that Dr. Ainara Aguadero has joined LiNa’s recently formed Expert Advisory Panel. Ainara is a Reader in Energy Materials at the Department of Materials, Imperial College, London.

Ainara has extensive and world-leading knowledge in the materials used in batteries, fuel cells and electrolysers. Importantly, for LiNa, Ainara also has considerable experience in the materials that constitute LiNa’s platform, and has published over 70 research papers.

“We consider it quite a coup that Ainara has agreed to join our Expert Advisory Panel. Her significant skill-set and experience significantly broadens the scope of what the panel can do for LiNa, which is to develop and commercialise its game-changing low-cost, cobalt free, safe and high performing solid state sodium battery”.

– Dr Gene Lewis, LiNa’s CEO

Ainara is the perfect academic expert to join our panel that already includes Alex Burns and Jeetej Jandu.

Alex is a hugely experienced leader within the high-performance engineering sector (President of Millbrook Proving Ground , CEO of Williams F1) and Jeet is a highly experienced trade and industry specialist having worked globally with various governments and private sector entities.

The expert panel will review the company’s progress, planning, and provide strategic input.