Breakthrough solid-state sodium battery technology

LiNa Energy is commercialising high performance solid-state sodium batteries which offer greater safety, sustainability, and lower cost versus lithium-ion.

LiNa Technology

Our vision is to accelerate the transition to net zero with our innovative new storage technology, enabling more renewable energy to be used when and where we need it.


Inherently safe chemistry even in high ambient temperatures combined with greatly increased energy densities.


Contains no cobalt or lithium, enabling transparent and ethical supply chains using locally sourced materials and domestic manufacturing.


Using abundant raw materials enables LiNa to manufacture cells for less than $50 / kWh, half of the cost of lithium-ion batteries today.

About LiNa

LiNa Energy’s battery addresses a rapidly growing need for sustainable and low-cost energy storage. We think our technology can not only help the world get to net-zero by 2050, but help achieve it sooner.

Our team