Low-cost solid-state sodium battery technology

LiNa Energy is helping the energy sector accelerate the transition to Net Zero, through our safer and more sustainable alternative to lithium ion.

LiNa Technology

We are leading the charge to develop and commercialise low-cost solid state sodium batteries, with a focus on the renewable energy storage market.


Our product is developed, tested and independently validated, with high-scale manufacturing in mind.


No cobalt or lithium, means transparent and ethical supply chains using locally sourced materials and domestic manufacturing.


Using abundant raw materials enables LiNa to manufacture cells for less than $50 / kWh, half of the cost of lithium-ion batteries today.

About Us

Our founders have combined their expertise in ceramics and electrochemistry and applied this to the problem of energy storage.
Today we’re a rapidly growing science and engineering-led business, with a leadership team combining commercial, product development and energy sector experience.

Our team